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Donald Goldmacher Rails At The Death Of America’s Middle Class

Elbows on the table and forehead scrunched, Goldmacher – leaning over for emphasis and dramatically lowering his sandpaper voice – says, “People who thought they were living the American dream are now seeing that it’s becoming a nightmare. And the question is: What will they do about it?”


Emerging Novelist Justin Torres Writes What He Has To


“When I first started, I was very angry. I felt that I’d been betrayed, and that life is unfair – which it is. But I had a juvenile attitude toward it all. I wrote really violent, angry stories, much more so than anything that’s in that book. I had to learn that it’s not going to move people unless you capture the full range of human emotion and behavior. Nobody’s just purely evil.”


Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey Hangs Up His Father’s Hat


“I’m 63, and I finally don’t have to justify my existence to my father.”



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